Introducing the new website

Hi All,

As you may know our last website provider kindly deleted our website with no notification. I’ve decided to move to WordPress as this gives us a blog approach. ie. a more active website where members can upload content.The will now direct to this site.

Please let Nick know if you would like log in access and he will create you an account. This will enable you to upload pictures, videos and write messages on the website – great for building a project diary. Don’t worry, permission will be set so you can’t delete anything important so go ahead and have a play. There’s even smart phone apps available for this service for you to play with.

We are using the free service from WordPress so there are some limitations to what we can do, but I think this should be adequate.

Have a click round and let me know your thoughts. You will see people can leave comments directly on the website and this service is more social as posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Over to you. It’s your website so I look forward to seeing photos etc appearing soon. Only point of warning, remember this is a public website so please respect other members right to privacy. If you are unsure how a picture or messages may be received by other members it’s probably best to post them on our private Facebook page.

Once a login is issued Nick will create your own ‘category’ on the website. When posting messages just remember to use this ‘category’ and you’ll then easily be able to see all your posts grouped together by selecting your category on the top right hand side of the website. This may appear different on phones or tablets depending on your operating systems etc, but you should be able to find it. You will also have your own web address to give friends and family or to use as a signature on the VW forums.

Good luck